LineVelo is an electric vehicle that is small, light, portable and really easy to use.

The design is very minimalistic. There are no gears, no throttle, no brakehandles, no problems.
No License or registration is needed and no insurance is necessary (pedelec standard).

It is very simple and quick to setup and fold away, so you`ll be on your way in no time at all.


The vehicle is easy to control. The steering is responsive and will take you no time to learn as there are no gears. It will adjust to your way of driving and the terrain.

You can take the Linevelo everywhere. It`s so compact that it will easily be able to fit where you want it without being in the way. It will fit in a locker, a cupboard and even under your bed.

Because of its portability you can take it with you wherever you go AND you can charge it up as you go, for example on a train. It will also act as a `trolley` for carrying your suitcases whilst travelling.

LineVelo can be a great tool for people with disabilities or the elderly that have trouble getting to somewhere that is some form of distance, for example their local supermarket.

How it works

There are two ways to operate LineVelo. There is a pedal drive or an electric drive powered by a battery.

The pedal drive requires the driver to do a pedalling motion by pushing down on either side. The braking works by leaning backwards. The braking power is controlled and limited by the position of the body, which makes it more secure as the possibility of turning over the front wheel is constrained.

The vehicle automatically adjusts to your way of driving and the road conditions. It will automatically adjust to hills or plain areas or stop and go – no annoying gear shifting.

The electric drive switches can be switched on at any time when needed, for example when going up-hill. It will, again, automatically adjust the power.

The engine is made of Dyneema, an extremely strong Material (tear-proof up to 22,000N). The coiled ties take on different diameters while driving that enable a variable power transmission, similar to an automatic transmission. When starting the vehicle or driving up the hill the resistance increases and because of that the driving position gets higher and the ties take on a bigger diameter and turning moment. The stepper drive is connected to the metering of the electric drive, which switches on in addition when in a higher driving position.

The engine is very simple and needs only a few parts. There are no chain wheels, chains, gearbox with cables and handles, no adjustments necessary. The simple, weight and space saving, engine make it possible to fold the vehicle up like a book after reading – it`s as if the parts of engine disappear.